05 February 2020

WirtschaftsWoche ranks GSK Stockmann among best building law firms in Germany

Business magazine WirtschaftsWoche named GSK Stockmann a “TOP Building Law Firm 2020” and distinguishes Professor Oliver Moufang as “TOP Lawyer 2020” in building law. 

“We are very happy about this distinction awarded by WirtschaftsWoche. It shows that the special legal and industry expertise of our building law competency team is being recognised in the market. The close cooperation with our real estate department and a high degree of specialisation set us apart and allow us to offer our clients the best possible support,” said Professor Moufang.

GSK Stockmann’s building law competency team comprises over 30 lawyers advising clients on all construction and architect law issues that may arise in complex construction projects such as office buildings, hotels, residential and logistics properties, plant engineering, infrastructure projects and civil engineering structures.

In order to rank the best German lawyers in this field, the Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) asked 830 lawyers from 70 law firms about their most renowned colleagues. The jury’s evaluation designated 30 law firms and 436 strongly recommended lawyers.

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