Complex challenges.
Viewed from all angles.

The 2020s are a decade of challenges, with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, geopolitical developments such as Brexit and the Ukraine crisis, megatrends such as demographics and sustainability, and global events such as the coronavirus pandemic and climate change all driving profound upheaval.

This can be seen in societies and countries as well as companies and industries. As a leading independent European corporate law firm, we are shining a light on these issues with our Spotlights section, looking at their complexity from different perspectives and addressing the resulting legal issues from all angles.

Sustainable FInance & ESG

Sustainable Finance ESG

Sustainable investment,
sustainable profits.

When it comes to regulation in the area of sustainable finance in the European Union, it is no longer a question of “if”, but “how”. The new rules pose major challenges for the real economy and the financial sector and at the same time offer significant opportunities.

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The coronavirus crisis poses many questions. We provide the answers.

The current crisis in connection with the spread of the coronavirus is having a significant impact on the real economy as well as global financial markets and poses major challenges for the business activities of many companies in Germany.

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You are producing the future, we create legal certainty.

The manufacturing industry, the cornerstone of the German economy, is under enormous pressure to transform. This presents a challenge to everyone involved, from investors to employees, and at the same time offers an opportunity worth seizing.

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