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Automotive, smart city, aviation: a diverse sector with diverse challenges. Our cross-sector competency teams have the answers to tomorrow’s questions.

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Mobility is undergoing total transformation. Mobility patterns are changing rapidly, and mobility expectations and services are developing with equal speed. Environmentally friendly motors, new mobility concepts for inner city areas and “Smart City” concepts call for a comprehensive approach to technologies and infrastructures. Here at GSK Stockmann, our mobility experts monitor the market closely and understand the issues that impact your industry – and hence your company.

Our work revolves largely around complex projects and issues. We understand the mobility sector and its various interfaces – not only the interfaces between legal requirements and economic or technological demands, but also the interfaces between the relevant areas of law. Thanks to this expertise, we are able to unravel complexity and find legally workable solutions.

We proactively help to shape change in the field of mobility, change which is driven primarily by increasing digitalisation and networking. Current mobility trends such as

  • networking & digitalisation,
  • electrified mobility,
  • sharing models and
  • driverless vehicles

are more than just buzzwords for GSK Stockmann. Our expertise enables us not only to offer you legal advice based on solid business acumen, but also makes us an efficient service provider who can play a significant role towards the success of your project. Our mission is to understand the challenges of the market and use this understanding to develop tailored solutions for your company – your perspective in other words .

Sharing, digitalisation, connectivity: mobility moves fast. Good to have a co-driver who is looking ahead. Like us.

Markets in focus

If you want to make the most of every opportunity for growth across the board, top-notch support is a crucial ingredient. Our bundled expertise in all sectors and markets is the answer.

The automotive industry currently faces huge challenges. “CASE” issues (Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharing, Electrification) are shaping and transforming the industry with unparalleled speed. In addition, deep-rooted structural change is impacting day-to-day challenges in operative business. More than ever before, market participants have to reconsider their business strategies and think outside the box. Partnerships and joint ventures with other market players are playing an increasingly significant role.

Here at GSK Stockmann, our automotive team knows the industry inside out: we have gained long-standing and in-depth experience in transactions in the automotive industry as well as in joint ventures in the mobility sector. We are also intimately acquainted with our clients’ business. As a result, we are able to offer sound business advice in the field of operations, right through to litigation. We also offer competent advice if you are looking to launch or export (or import into Germany) a new product or type of technology.

The chief aim of urban development in large cities is to improve the quality of life for the population. The trend towards “Smart Cities” is driven by increasing levels of digitalisation and networking (connectivity) and by optimising mobility for the population. New technology plays a major role here – but innovative mobility concepts are also highly important. Despite the fact that existing transport networks are working at full capacity, there are calls for mobility to continue improving and become more flexible.

Here at GSK Stockmann, we have all the core competencies required in transforming a city into a “Smart City”. We work hand in hand with teams of experts from Real Estate, Public Sector, Regulatory, Projects and Mobility.

The aviation industry is currently undergoing rapid transformation. Perhaps the most marked characteristic of the industry is the extreme level of competition between the various market players.

We help our clients – most of whom come from the airline industry – to develop a tailored strategy and successfully master growing regulatory requirements, and to find their personal niche and set themselves apart from their competitors. Our advisory services cover highly diverse fields within the aviation industry. Many of our clients are engaged in interesting and innovative technological projects; here we support, for example, manufacturers and operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

GSK Stockmann’s experienced and committed aviation team has a solid understanding of the regulatory and business aspects of the industry, and liaises regularly with the relevant supervisory authorities.

Your contacts.

Understanding your perspective. And finding the best solution. That is our mission (from left to right):

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+49 30 203907-0

Key areas of advice

The right experts for every challenge, the perfect team for every client: we focus on the elements that drive your success.

Our automotive advisory services primarily cover the following fields:

  • M&A projects, investments and divestments including regulatory proceedings, labour law and tax law
  • Joint ventures and partnerships, particularly in development (R&D) and in sales
  • Reorganisation and restructuring, including on group level
  • Purchasing and supplier agreements
  • Product liability and recalls, including consumer protection
  • Litigation
  • Licensing agreements and sales contracts
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and safeguarding of technological ascendency
  • IT security and data protection, including regulatory requirements in the field of telecommunication
  • Approval procedures and compliance, industrial & environmental compliance, export controls
  • Supervision of real estate projects
  • Planning and development of production sites and facilities

Our Smart City advisory services primarily cover the following fields:

  • Mobility concepts, particularly in connection with urban planning projects
  • Supervision of real estate projects
  • Public funding and subsidies
  • Projects & governmental affairs, i.e., project development and new regulations
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Investments and divestments (including regulatory proceedings)
  • IT security and data protection, including regulatory requirements in the field of telecommunication
  • Protection of intellectual property rights and safeguarding of technological ascendency

Our aviation advisory services primarily cover the following fields:

  • Joint ventures and M&As
  • Regulation, including environmental issues
  • Competition law
  • Intellectual property
  • Litigation
  • Governmental affairs and legislative assistance
  • Export controls

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