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We structure and document transactions, complete them successfully and advise on all capital markets law issues, especially in the field of equity and debt capital markets, on securitisations and structured financing as well as on derivatives of any kind, but beyond that also on all regulatory issues related to capital markets.

Capital market-oriented companies are facing a multitude of challenges. Regulation, globalisation and the technological change are transforming the economic and political environment. We can assist you in implementing changes, overcoming challenges and finding the ideal structure for your business.
We support issuers who want to go public in finding the right stock exchange and the appropriate segment – in Germany and abroad. This facilitates the finding of new capital to finance companies, develop into new markets or strengthen the balance sheet.
We are highly familiar with all types of shares, stock options and hybrid products (from convertibles and option bonds to reverse convertibles and CoCos), participation certificates, promissory notes and registered bonds, MTN programmes, corporate bonds, real estate, project and infrastructure bonds, high-yield bonds, mortgage bonds, ABS, CLN and all other types of debt capital products. We can also help you deal with all legal, regulatory and tax-related aspects of derivatives trading, especially regarding master agreements for derivatives, securities loans and repos, and support you in all clearing, settlement and custody matters.

To this end, GSK relies on comprehensive practical knowledge and long-standing experience in dealing with regulatory and admission authorities, central banks, legislators and rule-makers and also with industry associations on national, EU and international levels.
Our special practice focus is on the fields of real estate capital markets, capital market digitalisation (from crowdfunding to ICOs, and using DLT in the area of securities), green capital markets products and mid cap markets.
Both in Germany and Luxembourg we support you with an experienced team and bespoke advice . For cross-border advice regarding all other jurisdictions, we rely on our comprehensive network of partner firms.



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