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IT and Data Protection

Hossenfelder, Martin: Die DSGVO kommt bald: Top 5 Handlungsempfehlungen zur Umsetzung des neuen Datenschutzrechts, BB 2018, 963-965

Author/s: Dr. Martin Hossenfelder 

Kahler, Jörg: EU Database Protection of Website Content with the Online Travel Business as an Example, US-China Law Review, Volume 9, Number 2, April 2012, S. 93 ff.

Author/s: Dr. Jörg Kahler 

Kahler, Jörg: The protection of internet distribution systems, Legal aspects from a European perspective, 2011 World technology law conference, 13.05.2011 in San Francisco

Author/s: Dr. Jörg Kahler