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Company Law

Our regular work includes day-to-day advice on all legal matters concerning corporations and partnerships. We permanently advise a large number of German companies as well as the subsidiaries of international corporations from their formation through to their liquidation.

The fields we advise on particularly include detail questions as to, for example, corporate governance and the optimal structuring and drafting of shareholder and partnership agreements and provisions of articles of association in order to
- avoid or resolve disputes between shareholders or partners,
- protect minority shareholders,
- to ensure that the distribution of profits is fair,
- to prepare a withdrawal in the event of any dispute,
- to ensure that severance payments are fair, etc.

Additionally, we advise on the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of shareholders, partners, managing directors, members of executive boards or supervisory boards and other committee members in fulfilling their legal obligations (so-called "corporate housekeeping"). This particularly includes complying with capital maintenance rules, the implications of cash pooling under company law, shareholder loans - upstream as well as downstream - and other financing transactions as well as the proper approach in the event of a crisis or an insolvency.