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Banking-Compliance deals with the optimization of internal processes for the purpose of complying with applicable laws in a bank. According to this definition, compliance forms a part of out advisory services regarding financial supervisory law (information regarding our advice relating to financial supervisory law can be found at financial supervisory)

The very focus of compliance is the creation of organizational structures and operating processes with which banks counter their operational risks with respect to complying with laws pertaining to supervisory law, securities law, and the law of derivatives, and with respect to combating money laundering and terrorist financing as well as in connection with data protection law and banking secrecy rights. In this area of law, we are rendering all relevant services for banks, financial services providers, payment institutions, capital investment managing companies/AIFMs and other (partially) regulated institutes, inte alia:

  • Assessment of individual legal issues
  • Preparation of organization manuals
  • Implementation of special investigations to investigate internal shortcomings within the bank
  • Advice and representation in proceedings initiated by supervisory authorities or investi-gations by the public prosecutor’s office
  • Execution of specific risk assessments up to and including the development and imple-mentation of prevention systems
  • Taking over the tasks of the money laundering officer, the central department for safe-guarding measures, and the compliance officer by means of outsourcing
  • Implementation of training for employees, compliance and money laundering officers, as wells for members of executive boards and supervisory boards
  • Support with respect to complaint management and representation in court in the con-text of the defense against lawsuits filed by investors