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kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016: GSK Stockmann + Kollegen recognized as one of the top leading law firms in Germany

kanzleimonitor.de 2015/16

GSK Stockmann + Kollegen again receive excellent recommendations in the current issue of “kanzleimonitor.de”, a publication issued in cooperation with the BUJ Bundesverband der Unternehmensjuristen (Federal Association of In-House Lawyer) and the Unternehmensjurist (In-House Lawyer) Magazine.

In the study published recently, in-house lawyers all over Germany were asked for their preferences when instructing external law firm, in particular regarding which law firms they favoured for which areas of expertise.

In Real Estate (including project development, property and construction law, awarding and contracting regulation as well as lease law) GSK Stockmann + Kollegen is ranked third, thus making it one of the top three leading law firms in Germany.

In the overall ranking of kanzleimonitor 2014/2015 GSK was again recognized as one of the 30 top leading law firms in Germany. Ranking among the evaluated companies, GSK is particularly popular with the SDAX-listed companies (rank 10). Moreover, the in-house lawyers also recommended GSK for Banking, Corporate as well as Public Law. For the first time, GSK was recommended for Litigation & ADR.

In the study in-house lawyers of 700 companies made 5,790 recommendations for 749 law firms in 31 areas of law. In 2015 the scope of the study could be further expanded according to kanzleimonitor.de. The study included three parts: recommendations within the domestic market (for external lawyers and law firms in 31 different areas of law), brand perception (evaluation of law firms on the basis of 16 brand attributes) as well as abroad (recommendations of external lawyers and law firms in foreign countries).

Source: kanzleimonitor.de 2015/2016