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GSK Stockmann advised Building Society HOWOGE on Residential Tower Project “Q218”

GSK Stockmann advised HOWOGE on awarding a partnering contract as part of an innovation partnership for a residential high-rise.

As the first of Berlin’s very own building societies, HOWOGE signed a large building contract (project development, planning and construction) within an innovation partnership – a new procedure that, so far, has rarely been used.

The innovation partnership led to the successful conclusion of a partnering contract with PORR, and the partnering phase is going to allow a deeper understanding of the planning and constrcution task at hand. The joint integration of the construction task with the budget will be followed by the joint project realization during the construction phase. The residential high-rise to be built will be 64 meters in height, comprise 22 floors and approx. 390 residential units, plus assisted living, student housing, co-working spaces and business units all under the MHHR high-rise guidelines. Throughout the entire course of the project, the partnering model will be supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM).

This was not the first project that GSK Stockmann offered HOWOGE comprehensive legal advise on.

Advisers HOWOGE
GSK Stockmann: Prof. Dr. Jan Kehrberg (Projects), Dr. Jenny Mehlitz (Procurement) (both lead); Associates: Lea Niedballa (Procurement).