Stefan Aldag

Lawyer, Notary Public, Partner*

+49 30 203907-0

Location Berlin


Business card

Practice Areas

  • Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Construction, Project Development
  • Notarial Services
Education and Professional Experience
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (1994)
  • Appointed as Notary in Berlin
  • Universities of Hamburg, Munich and Bonn
  • English, German
  • Member of ARGE Baurecht im Deutschen AnwaltVerein, DAV (working group for Construction Law at the German Bar Association), Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Baurecht (German Society for Construction Law)
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2021” in the area of “Corporate and Real Estate Law” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2020” in the area of “Real Estate Law, Notary’s Office” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
  • Law firm
    29 June 2020

    Germany's best lawyers 2020: 45 lawyers of GSK Stockmann recommended by Handelsblatt & Best Lawyers

    Best Lawyers and Handelsblatt have published "Germany's best lawyers" of the year. A total of 45 lawyers of our law firm are recommended as leading experts in their field in German...

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* Partner: A partner within the meaning of the partnership company law.
   Local Partner: not a partner within the meaning of the partnership company law.
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