Sören Wolkenhauer

Lawyer, Senior Associate

+49 40 369703-0

Location Hamburg


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Practice Areas

  • Contract and concession awards, drafting contracts for local energy supply (electricity, gas, water, heating)
  • Tendering obligations in relation to public infrastructure and real estate transactions
  • Decentralised and local energy supply concepts
  • Heat and cooling contracts (supply, lease, management contracts, etc.)
  • Energy supply in special forms of housing
  • Tendering obligations and authorisation schemes relating to public emergency services
  • Planning law for public infrastructure
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Education and Professional Experience
  • Lawyer at GSK Stockmann since 2018
  • Lawyer in major law firms in Berlin and Hamburg from 2012 to 2018
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (2012)
  • Trainee lawyer in Berlin and Lausanne
  • Worked in the administration of the German Bundestag
  • Studies in Hamburg, Berlin and Rome
  • English, German
  • Wolkenhauer, Sören und Theobald, Christian: Vergabe von Strom- und Gaskonzessionen, Einschätzungen zur aktuellen Novellierung des § 46 EnWG, DÖV 2016, 724
  • Wolkenhauer, Sören und Schweizer, Sarah: Mitwirkungsverbote in Konzessionierungsverfahren nach § 46 EnWG, DÖV 2013, S. 745
  • Wolkenhauer, Sören: Kommunale Gestaltungsspielräume bei der energiewirtschaftlichen Wegerechtsvergabe; IR 2013, 248
  • Wolkenhauer/Meyer-Hetling/Sachse: Übertragung örtlicher Energieversorgungsnetze – Gesetzlicher und vertraglicher Übertragungsanspruch im Konflikt?, ZNER 2012, 466
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