Practice Areas

  • Real estate transactions (asset and share deals, forward and forward funding deals, portfolio transactions, sale-and-leaseback)
  • Legal asset management and leasing
  • Special experience with retail properties, healthcare and nursing care properties as well as micro living properties
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Education and Professional Experience
  • Partner at GSK Stockmann since 2020 and lawyer since 2016
  • Lawyer at a leading German corporate law firm working in real estate commercial law from 2010 to 2015
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (2010)
  • Trainee lawyer, doctorate and studies in Bayreuth, Hamburg und Limerick (Ireland)
  • English, German
  • ZIA German Property Federation, working group for healthcare properties
  • ImmoEBS e.V.
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2022” in the area of “Real Estate Law, Healthcare” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
  • Recommended Lawyer in the field of “Real Estate Law“ and “Health” (The Legal 500 2022)
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2021” in the area of “Real Estate Law, Healthcare” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
  • Recommended Lawyer in the field of “Real Estate Law” (The Legal 500 2021)
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2020” in the area of “Real Estate Business Law” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
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    24 June 2022

    Germany’s Best Lawyers 2022: Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers recommend 53 lawyers from GSK Stockmann

    The renowned US publication Best Lawyers has once again published its list of “Germany’s Best Lawyers” of the year in cooperation with Handelsblatt. A total of 53 GSK lawyers were ...

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    06 June 2022

    Real Estate German Market: Trends & Developments 2022

    The new edition of the Global Practice Guide Real Estate has been published by Chambers. The Real Estate guide features 53 jurisdictions and provides market-comparative analysis an...

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  • GSK Updates
    24 January 2022

    Covid-19-related rent adjustments possible - but only on a case by case basis

    In the event of a lockdown, tenants may be entitled to adjust the rent during a government-ordered closure. However, there is no guaranteed or blanket Covid-19-related deduction. ...

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