Dr. Jonas Wilkens, LL.M.

lawyer, Local Partner*

+49 40 369703-57

Location Hamburg


Business card

Practice Areas

  • Project management for the construction and conversion of all types of real estate, in particular real estate projects, manufacturing plants, residential and commercial properties as well as hospitals (complete legal management of both new buildings and conversions as special representatives of the management)
  • Settlement of disputes in and out of court, including complex, multi-stage projects and claim management
  • Drafting of contracts and follow-up management
  • Analysis of construction projects and contract optimisations
  • Legal follow-up, time and budget management
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Education and Professional Experience
  • Lawyer at GSK Stockmann since 2015
  • Certified lawyer for construction and architect law
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (2010)
  • Lawyer in the real estate and building regulations department of a German law firm from 2010 to 2015, from 2014 as partner
  • LL.M. in Real Estate Law from the University of Münster from 2013 to 2015
  • Doctorate in international private law and litigation 2011
  • Trainee lawyer, inter alia, with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Madrid
  • Studies at the University of Göttingen and the University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • English, German, Spanish
  • Hanseatischer Anwaltverein
  • Deutscher Anwaltverein
  • ARGE Baurecht im DAV
  • Wilkens Jonas Philipp, Zur Bemessung des Schadensersatzes statt der Leistung in Form des kleinen Schadenersatzes wegen eines mangelhaften Werks, EWIR 2018, S. 753
  • Wilkens, Jonas Philipp, Jonetzki, Antonius: Kommentar zu BGH, Urt. v. 19.01.2017 – VII ZR 235/15: Zur Geltendmachung werkvertraglicher Gewährleistung ohne Abnahme, in: EWiR 2017, 429
  • Wilkens, Jonas Philipp: Eingriffsnormen im Gesamtsystem der internationalen privaten Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit: Interessen, Einflussnahme und mögliche Konsequenzen für die Zukunft (Schriften zur Rechtsangleichung), 2012

* Partner: a partner within the meaning of the German Partnership Companies Act.
Local Partner: not a partner within the meaning of the German Partnership Companies Act.

For reasons of better readability, we use the gender-neutral generic masculine. However, the information expressly refers to all genders.

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