Dr. Jan-Bertram A. Hillig

Lawyer (Germany), Solicitor (England & Wales), Counsel

+49 30 203907-0

Location Berlin


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Practice Areas

  • Project development, in particular medium and large-scale inner-city real estate projects
  • Plant engineering projects, especially FIDIC contracts
  • Private construction law, architect and engineering law
  • Dispute resolution, in particular arbitration, litigation and adjudication
  • Cross-border construction projects (inbound and outbound)
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Education and Professional Experience
  • Lawyer at GSK Stockmann since 2019
  • Head of the Working Commission on International Construction Law of the German Construction Law Association (ARGE Baurecht) in the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV) since 2015
  • Lecturer in international construction law and private international law at the Philipps University of Marburg since 2015
  • Lawyer in a boutique law firm specialised in arbitration from 2018 to 2019
  • Lawyer in law firms specialised in construction in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin and in-house counsel at an engineering company from 2010 to 2018
  • Former teacher at UWE Bristol, the University of Reading, the University of Vienna, the MCI Innsbruck and the BBW University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Adviser of the European Society of Construction Law from 2009 to 2017
  • Admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales (2009)
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (2007)
  • Doctorate from the University of Cologne
  • Studies at the University of Cologne and the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • English, German, Spanish
  • ARGE building and real estate law in the DAV
  • Working Group International Construction Law of ARGE Bau- und Immobilienrecht
  • DIS (German Arbitration Institution)
  • Society of Construction Law (UK)
  • The Law Society (UK)
  • Recommended and recognised as “Top Lawyer 2022” in the field of “Private Building Law” (WirtschaftsWoche 2022)
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram et al.: Construction Law (Germany), in: Legal 500 Comparative Guide , Mai 2022.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Grenzüberschreitende Bau- und Planerverträge in: Messerschmidt/Voit, Privates Baurecht, 4. Auflage 2021.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Beuthan, Tino: Integrierte Projektabwicklung (IPA) mit Mehrparteienverträgen – Wie weit voraus ist uns die internationale Vertragspraxis? in: Zeitschrift für das Baurecht BauR 2020, S. 1110.
    Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Wunderwald, Romy: Zur Vollstreckbarkeit von Urteilen und Schiedssprüchen im Ausland in: Zeitschrift für das Baurecht BauR 2020, S. 210.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Expertentipp: Die neuen FIDIC-Verträge – eine Übersicht. Online-Publikation auf der Webseite der ARGE Baurecht, 25.04.2018.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: German Construction Law. In: Studies in European Construction Law, Publikation der European Society of Construction Law (ESCL), herausgegeben von dem holländischen Institut für Baurecht (Instituut voor Bouwrecht), 2015.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Discussion of ‘FIDIC’s Red Book 1999 edition: A Study Review’. Author’s reply to contribution of Peter M. Elliott. In: Procurement, Management and Law, 2011, 209.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Die Mängelhaftung des Bauunternehmers im deutschen und englischen Recht. Dissertation. Frankfurt: Peter Lang Verlag, 2010.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Huhn, Martin: Construction Mediation in Germany. In: Mediation in the Construction Industry: An International Review. London: Tayler & Francis, 2010.
  • Hughes, Will / Kwawu, Wisdom / Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Contracts and Incentives in the Construction Sector. In: Procuring Complex Performance. Studies of Innovation in Product-Service Management. Herausgegeben von Nigel Caldwell und Mickey Howard. Oxford: Routledge, 2010.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Huhn, Martin: The Impact of the EU Mediation Directive on the German Construction Sector. In: ASCE Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution, 2010, 162.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Dan-Asabe, Dauda / Donyavi, Sohrab / Dursun, Onur / Thampuratty, Anjana: FIDIC’s Red Book 1999 edition: A Study Review. In: Procurement, Management and Law, 2010, 129.
  • Raj, Shekar / Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Hughes, WIll: Responsiveness to Change by Standard-Form Contract Drafters – A Case Study of the FIDIC White Book. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 2009, Jahrgang 1(3), 205.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Hughes, Will: Ownership Rights in Performance-Based Contracting: A Case Study of English Law. COBRA RICS Conference, Dublin, September 2008.
  • Hoezen, Mieke / Hillig, Jan-Bertram: The Competitive Dialogue Procedure: Advantages, Disadvantages, and its Implementation into English and Dutch Law. COBRA RICS Conference, Dublin, September 2008.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram / Hughes, WIll: The Future of Procurement. A look back to 2007. In: RICS Construction Journal, 2007, Heft 6, 22.
  • Hillig, Jan-Bertram: The Contractor’s Quality Obligations: Different Concepts under English and German Contract Law. CIB World Construction Congress, Cape Town, Mai 2007.
  • Hughes, Will / Yohannes, Iyassu / Hillig, Jan-Bertram: Incentives in Construction Contracts. CIB World Construction Congress, Cape Town, Mai 2007.
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