Dr. Andreas Bauer, LL.M.

Lawyer, Partner*

+49 89 288174-74

Location Munich


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Practice Areas

  • M&A transactions for financial and strategic investors from Germany and abroad
  • VC and PE transactions for German and international investors
  • Corporate financing with a focus on cash pooling for German and international industrial companies
  • Conversions, mergers and changes of legal form
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Education and Professional Experience
  • Lawyer at GSK Stockmann since 2000
  • CPEA Certified Private Equity Analyst (TUM) 2017
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisation adviser (BRSI) 2013
  • Partner at GSK Stockmann since 2000
  • Worked in a leading German corporate law firm from 1995 to 1997
  • Admitted to practise law in Germany (1994)
  • Trainee lawyer in Munich and Frankfurt with a leading US law firm
  • Studies at the LMU Munich and the George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C. (LL.M.)
  • English, French, German, Italian
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • German-Italian Lawyers Association (DIJV)
  • Association of German Corporate Lawyers (VGR),
  • INSOL Europeand Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern e. V.
  • Invest Europe, Investor Regulation Working Group Tax
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2021” in the area of “M&A, Venture Capital, Restructuring & Insolvency” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
  • Particularly recommended lawyer in the field of “Banking and Finance Law” in the context of the WirtschaftsWoche’s “TOP Law Firm 2021” award
  • Recommended lawyer in the field of “Corporate Law” (The Legal 500 2021)
  • Ranking “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2020” in the area of “M&A, Venture Capital, Restructuring & Insolvency” (Handelsblatt and Best Lawyers in Germany)
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* Partner: A partner within the meaning of the partnership company law.
   Local Partner: not a partner within the meaning of the partnership company law.
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