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Lars Bollensen Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Stefan Geiger Hamburg Local Partner**
Dr. Arne Gniechwitz Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Michael Jani Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Justus Jansen Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Antonius Jonetzki Hamburg Local Partner**
Dr. Carolin Klein Hamburg Associate
Stephanie Löhrius Hamburg Associate
Dr. Wajma Mangal Hamburg Associate
Dr. Andreas C. Peters Hamburg Local Partner**
Julian Pöhler Hamburg Associate
Christina Reiber Hamburg Associate
Dr. Jan Bernd Seeger Hamburg Associate
Dennis Stenzel Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Christoph Strelczyk Hamburg Local Partner**
Dr. Jonas Philipp Wilkens Hamburg Associate
Max Wilmanns Hamburg Partner*
Birgit Wöhren Hamburg Local Partner**
Sören Wolkenhauer Hamburg Associate


*Partner under the German Partnership Act
**Local Partner, no partner under the German Partnership Act