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Dominik Berka Frankfurt Counsel
Dr. Johannes Blassl Frankfurt Associate
Rebecca Comtesse Frankfurt Associate
Anna-Lena Diedrich Frankfurt Associate
Andreas Ebert Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Petra Eckl Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Harald Feiler Frankfurt Counsel
Alfred Gangel Frankfurt Of Counsel
Dr. Gerhard Gündel Frankfurt Counsel
Inga Henrich Frankfurt Associate
Volker Hofstetter Frankfurt Local Partner**
Olaf Jacobsen Frankfurt Local Partner**
Sebastian Kins Frankfurt Associate
Oliver Koos Frankfurt Partner*
Stefan Koser Frankfurt Partner*
Jan Kramer Frankfurt Associate
Holger Lampe Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Gösta Christian Makowski Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Mareen Marx Frankfurt Associate
Prof. Dr. Oliver Moufang Frankfurt Partner*
Kathrin Müller Frankfurt Associate
Dr. h.c. Hans-Joachim Otto, Notary Frankfurt Of Counsel
Dr. Maritheres Palichleb Frankfurt Of Counsel
Dr. Volker Rebmann, Notary Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Tobias Riethmüller Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Jochen Rudolph Frankfurt Counsel
Johann Rumetsch Frankfurt Partner*
Peter Scherer Frankfurt Partner*
Kirill Schitomirski Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Gregor Seikel Frankfurt Partner*
Dominika Sewerin Frankfurt Associate
Olga Sidorenko-Aiméblanc Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Markus Söhnchen Frankfurt Partner*
Franzisca Stuckenberg Frankfurt Associate
Larissa K. T. Wallig Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Anja Weisgerber Frankfurt Of Counsel
Dr. Rainer Werum, Notary Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Josef Maria Wodicka Frankfurt Partner*
Sascha Zentis, Notary Frankfurt Partner*


*Partner under the German Partnership Act
**Local Partner, no partner under the German Partnership Act