23 February 2023

On-shore power in ports: Once optional, soon a requirement

The European Union is about to introduce new regulations requiring maritime and inland waterway ports in the TEN-T network to upgrade their on-shore power infrastructure for ships at berth by January 2030.

In harmony with this new requirement for ports, shipping companies will also be obligated to use the on-shore power supply for their ships’ entire electricity needs while at berth. The European Commission’s proposed regulations on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, AFIR) and on the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport (“FuelEU Maritime”) dated 14 July 2021 are currently being discussed in trialogue with the European Council and the European Parliament. An agreement is expected to be reached in the summer. It would therefore be wise for maritime and inland waterway ports to keep pushing ahead with the financing, approval, planning and construction of on-shore power facilities or, if they have not already done so, to start looking into taking these steps now in light of the impending regulations.


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