04 May 2021

JUVE Handbuch Steuern 2021: GSK Stockmann’s upward trend continues

GSK Stockmann was listed among the leading corporate law firms in the areas of financial taxes (product-focused project advisors) and transaction taxes (tax structuring advice and contract drafting) in the latest edition of the JUVE Handbuch Steuern.

Juve’s evaluation states: “The upward trend of finance tax-related project work in the corporate law firm continues. In particular, the structuring of fund transactions in the real estate sector – GSK’s classic core area of advice – has recently been on a high, in which the increasingly natural cooperation with the Luxembourg office has also played a considerable role.”

Juve also highlights GSK Stockmann’s expertise in transaction tax advice: “Transaction advice is the core of the law firm’s tax practice. This primarily involves real estate transactions, where the team regularly advises on two- to three-digit million deals together with the corporate and real estate lawyers and usually works on complex structuring issues.”

We are very pleased about the excellent rating and the acknowledgement of our services!

GSK Stockmann’s tax team is growing steadily and, with the arrival of tax expert Heiko Stoll at the beginning of the year, now consists of eleven professionals. More information at: Steuerrecht (gsk.de)

The JUVE Handbuch Steuern is published once a year by JUVE Verlag and aims to provide its readers with comprehensive and qualified information on the range of services offered by almost 120 tax consulting firms in Germany – combined with an evaluation in texts and rankings. The evaluation is based on extensive research among consulting firms, company managers, representatives of public authorities and employees from the judiciary and academia.


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