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GSK provides a pool of expertise for the US legal market in the GSK US Desk. All our US Desk lawyers have studied and/or worked in English-speaking countries, mostly in the United States. Our US Desk focuses on supporting American companies investing in Germany and also advises German companies doing business in the US. In both cases, we work very closely with leading US law firms in all the business centres of the United States and, depending on the specific needs of our client, form joint teams with our US colleagues.

Our clients include well-known international companies, financial investors and medium-sized American and German companies.

Drawing on our deep and varied experience in cross-border transactions, our team excels in communicating complex information and bridging any differences in business culture that may exist between the US and Germany. It is this specialist blend of skills that gives our clients a competitive edge with respect to US-related projects.

GSK. The difference.