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Market conditions and requirements

Advising clients on their international undertakings requires a deep understanding of the legal, economic and cultural aspects of our increasingly globalised market.

A key partner, with excellent prospects.

The GSK Desk France consists of lawyers with a deep understanding of the country’s legal and regulatory conditions as well as its business culture. Our team members have lived or studied in France, are fluent or native speakers and maintain very good business connections in the local market. We advise clients on their business activities in France and, conversely, advise French companies on doing business in Germany or in Luxembourg.

We have established excellent contacts with leading independent law firms in France enabling us to help our clients to successfully implement their business strategy. This gives us the flexibility to form individual advisory teams tailored to the requirements of our clients’ projects.

The GSK Desk France is coordinated by Mathilde Ostertag and Johann Rumetsch.

Mathilde Ostertag


+352 271802-60

Johann Rumetsch


+49 69 710003-130

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