10 December 2019

GSK Stockmann’s Christmas donation goes to LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V.

Responsible corporate actions and social responsibility are part of GSK Stockmann’s corporate culture. Therefore, GSK Stockmann selects a fundraising project to support with a Christmas donation every year. This year, LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. received the firm’s donation.

Bettina Müller, Mechtild-Maria Siebke and Philippe Lorenz from the GSK Stockmann office in Munich visited LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. to hand over the symbolic donation cheque to the Founder Lydia Staltner and the Assistant Sonja Pejhan.

Since its founding in 2003, LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. has been helping people affected by old-age poverty. The association aims to make day-to-day life easier for elderly people in need through targeted financial support and personal engagement.

GSK Stockmann is very happy to be able to support LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V this Christmas and use its donation precisely where it is most urgently needed.  The firm would like to reinforce its social commitment and support projects that are of great value to society as a whole. Assuming social responsibility is a core value of lawyer-entrepreneurship to GSK Stockmann.

Additional donations are much appreciated! If you would like to support LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. as well, please find more information here (in German): https://seniorenhilfe-lichtblick.de/so-helfen-sie/

Previous GSK Stockmann Christmas donations:

2016: SchlauFox e.V. (Hamburg office)

2017: Adler helfen Menschen e.V. (Heidelberg office)

2018: Alzheimer-Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main e.V. (Frankfurt/M. office)

2019: LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. (Munich office)

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