01 June 2022

GSK Stockmann signs the Diversity Charter

To mark the 10th German Diversity Day, GSK Stockmann has signed the Diversity Charter, publicly committing itself to promoting diversity in the workplace.

Diversity – in all its facets – is a top priority for GSK Stockmann and is a core part of the firm’s culture. A respectful, appreciative and prejudice-free working environment allows all employees to work together successfully by contributing their various talents in diverse working groups within the firm. GSK Stockmann has signed the Diversity Charter to send a strong message both within and outside of the firm.

Commenting on the signing of the Charter, Oliver Glück, Co-Managing Partner at GSK Stockmann, said: “Our teams should be as diverse as the clients they serve. Our firm is highly diverse, which contributes to many different ways of thinking, perspectives and approaches. We want to emphasise this principle with our signing of the Diversity Charter.”

The Diversity Charter is a voluntary corporate initiative that aims to promote diversity in companies and institutions and create a working environment that is free from prejudice and where all employees feel appreciated. Organisations that sign the Charter thereby commit to advancing diversity and inclusion in order to avoid discrimination in the workplace, among other things (Charta der Vielfalt – for diversity in the world of work (charta-der-vielfalt.de).


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