23 November 2021

GSK Stockmann confirms Uwe Jäger as Managing Partner

GSK Stockmann has confirmed Uwe Jäger in the position of Managing Partner for a further three years.

The resolution passed unanimously at a partners’ meeting held on the 19th and 20th of November 2021. Jäger expressed his gratitude for the partners placing this trust in him for the second time now, and announced he would continue to work with full dedication on the law firm’s future viability and innovative strength.

We warmly congratulate Uwe Jäger on his re-election and look forward to continuing our work with him,” commented Co-Managing Partner Oliver Glück and COO Carsten Knoll. “Together, we have already achieved important milestones in the firm’s continued development, such as successful expansion at the Luxembourg office and the associated internationalisation, as well as the involvement of female partners in all firm committees. We will continue to work on important issues for the future, such as internal and external digitalisation with our Digitalisation Competence Centre.”

In addition to his role as Managing Partner, Uwe Jäger will continue to devote himself to client work and will receive support in management from Oliver Glück (Co-Managing Partner) and Carsten Knoll (COO).


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