03 August 2022

GSK Stockmann appoints Arkadiusz Rzepka as new Head of Competence Centre Digitalisation

Arkadiusz Rzepka has been the new Head of the Competence Center Digitalisation (CCD) at GSK Stockmann since July. He reports directly to the firm’s management.

Arkadiusz Rzepka holds several degrees, including an MBA from Steinbeis University Berlin. During his career spanning various industries, he has been able to gain relevant experience in various key roles in the technology and digital sector. Most recently, he was working in the financial sector and was responsible for operational and strategic digitalisation initiatives for development banks as well as for the financial group for German savings banks and cooperatives.

Arkadiusz Rzepka will work from Berlin for GSK’s offices in Germany and Luxembourg and, together with an interdisciplinary team across multiple locations, develop digital legal advisory products and expand the GSK Hub as a digital platform for collaboration with clients and the firm’s over 500 employees.

Technological innovations and the latest digital trends have played an increasingly significant role in GSK Stockmann’s legal work with clients in recent years and the firm has established its own Competence Centre Digitalisation for this purpose. As part of its innovation strategy, the firm tracks the latest developments in the legal tech market and continuously expands its range of digital services for clients.

In the area of process and document automation, GSK Stockmann has, for example, developed the GSK Contract Accelerator, a legal tech tool which facilitates the integration of automated contracts into the firm’s tailored advisory services to clients. Furthermore, following legal innovation and design workshops involving clients from the real estate sector, the firm digitalised and successfully implemented a lease process in the GSK Hub. This co-creation approach offers new opportunities for working with clients and demonstrates the firm’s commitment to its guiding principle: “Your perspective.”


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