10 May 2021

GSK Stockmann advises von der Heydt and Immutable Insight on blockchain fund securitisation

GSK Stockmann has advised von der Heydt Asset Servicing SA and Immutable Insight Capital Management GmbH on their cooperation for the setup and securitisation of the blockchain fund “Blockchainfonds II”.

Von der Heydt Asset Servicing SA, Luxembourg, and Immutable Insight Capital Management GmbH, based in Grünwald near Munich, have developed an innovative way to invest in crypto-assets. By securitising a blockchain fund, they are making it possible for investors to invest in a crypto-AIF (alternative investment fund) via a custodial security.

Immutable Insight has many years of expertise in the blockchain sector and is already launching its second blockchain fund as an alternative investment fund manager registered with Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The fund aims to deliver a superior risk-return profile in crypto-assets and tokenised assets alike on the basis of the analytics performed in-house at Immutable Insight.

The fund’s strategy is based on real-time analyses of how blockchains are being used. Bankhaus von der Heydt is handling the financial commission business for the crypto-assets and tokenised assets and will then hold them in custody as a regulated crypto custodian.

GSK Stockmann provided von der Heydt and Immutable Insight with comprehensive advising on project implementation in Germany and Luxembourg via a team led by banking supervisory and financial regulation experts Timo Bernau and Andreas Heinzmann.

Advisers, von der Heydt Asset Servicing SA/Immutable Insight Capital Management GmbH:

GSK Stockmann: Timo Bernau (Munich), Andreas Heinzmann (Luxemburg) (co-leads, Banking Supervisory and Financial Regulation), Andreas Dimmling (Corporate, Munich); Associate: Katharina Schramm (Banking Supervisory and Financial Regulation, Luxembourg)


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Christine Ström
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