08 July 2021

GSK Stockmann advises Patrizia on the lease of the MK7 project development to Wacker Chemie in Munich’s Werksviertel

GSK Stockmann has provided comprehensive legal advice to the real estate investor Patrizia on the conclusion of a long-term project lease agreement with Wacker; the global chemicals group will become the single tenant of the MK7 project development in the Werksviertel at Munich’s eastern railway station.

Construction is to be completed by the end of 2023, when Wacker Chemie is to move into the entire office space of around 17,800 m² and relocate its corporate headquarters from Hanns-Seidl-Platz in Neuperlach to Gisela-Stein-Strasse.

Patrizia had acquired the property with over 5,000 m² from Officefirst Real Estate in 2020 and is planning to raise a new six-storey building with the MK7 project. Flexible spaces and co-working areas are designed for the attractive office building, among other things, in order to meet the requirements of a contemporary work environment. Patrizia and Wacker Chemie have also paid particular attention to sustainability. Goals for the building include LEED Platinum certification.

With a team led by real estate specialists Nadine Wachendorf and Dirk Brückner, GSK Stockmann provided comprehensive legal advice to Patrizia on the lease.

Advisers of Patrizia:
GSK Stockmann: Dirk Brückner, Nadine Wachendorf (both Real Estate, lead partners); Associate: Alisa Mössinger (Real Estate)

Image Source: Patrizia


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