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Christmas donation: GSK Stockmann supports Alzheimer Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main e.V.

From left to Right: Dr. Rainer Werum, Franzisca Stuckenberg, Hans Karl Müller, Ruth Müller, Volkan Cakir

Corporate Social Responsibility is, of course, part of our company culture at GSK Stockmann. Therefore, GSK once again selected a fundraising project to support with a donation this Christmas season.

After our Hamburg office started the tradition in 2016, and after Heidelberg supported “Adler helfen Menschen e.V.” in 2017, Frankfurt chose Alzheimer Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main e.V. (AGFFM) for GSK’s Christmas charity this year. AGFFM was founded in 1996 to improve the living conditions of and the care offered to Frankfurt residents who suffer from dementia (especially Alzheimer’s disease) and their families.

On December 3rd, the Frankfurt lawyers Rainer Werum, Volkan Cakir and Franzisca Stuckenberg visited the AGFFM to learn about the charity’s volunteer work. They then presented a symbolic check of 5,555 euros to the Deputy Chairman Hans Karl Müller and the Office Manager Ruth Müller. This donation will support current projects, for example dementia sponsorships, and various activities in the context of the annual World Alzheimer’s Day.

We are happy to support the work of Alzheimer Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main with a donation. By informing the community on the effects this disease can have and how the living conditions of people suffering from dementia and their families can be improved, AGFFM and its volunteers deliver a commendable service that deserves to be endorsed", said Frankfurt GSK Partner Rainer Werum.

It was in Frankfurt that Professor Alois Alzheimer first described  the pathology of dementia and the accompanying cerebro-organic changes of his female patient’s symptoms in 1901. Ever since then, the term “Alzheimer’s disease” as been used all over the world.

If you would like to join us in supporting Alzheimer Gesellschaft Frankfurt e.V., your donation will be highly appreciated. Please find contact details and further information here: www.frankfurt-alzheimer.de