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GSK Stockmann very much regrets the UK’s referendum decision.

This decision will have a huge impact on the economic developments and the politics of the UK as well as the EU. In the last months, lawyers of GSK have analysed all legal aspects and impacts of a Brexit and also published some of their results. In the future, there will be lot of challenges for clients but also numerous new opportunities (especially in Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Paris).

In particular, banks and other companies of the financial sector which are using the EU passport system will then have to relocate their registered offices to an EU country in order to continue to benefit from the European “Common Market” including the EU passport system.

As it now starts to appear, there is a lot to do. GSK is not only well prepared but has already started to work on many aspects of the forthcoming Brexit. This applies, in particular, to financial regulatory issues but also to M&A, corporate, tax, data protection/IP, labour law, real estate and Dispute resolution.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We would be happy to assist in whatever Brexit-related issue you might have.

Please find below an overview of our Brexit-related publications so far:

GSK Update: Brexit – Qué será, será.

GSK Update: BREXIT – How far they got and will get down

GSK Update: Brexit is coming!

Die einsame Insel (DZ Magazin, 3/2017, in German)

GSK Update: EU-Clearing nach dem Brexit (in German)

Brexit bringt Risiken für Unternehmen in britischer Rechtsform (Börsen-Zeitung vom 27.5.2017, in German)

GSK Update „More Brexit: Exit Procedure Started, Repeal Act Proposed, Tough Negotiations and a Snap Election Ahead“

GSK Update: Latest from the Brexit front – UK Supreme Court agrees with High Court, House of Commons approves Brexit Bill, and HM Government releases White Paper

GSK-Update: Government cannot trigger Brexit without Parliament

GSK Update: The Brexit and its legal consequences

Briefing: Brexit: Post-referendum realities and opportunities ahead (The Lawyer, 25 July 2016)

GSK Update: The Impact of the “Brexit” on Cross-Border Dispute Resolution

Broadlaw Group article: The EU and the UK – in or out?

GSK article: BREXIT- what if?

Deutsche Limiteds müssen auf Brexit reagieren - Höhere Steuerzahlungen und Haftungsfalle (Finance online, 23.05.2017, in German)

Vertragsrisiken angesichts des Brexits (Finance Magazine, March/April 2017, in German)

Auswirkungen des Brexit auf M&A-Verträge (M&A Review, 12/2016, in German)

GSK White Paper: Wer hat Angst vorm Brexit? Und wenn er kommt... (in German)

Brexit: Rechtliche Auswirkungen im Fall der Fälle (in German)

Brexit würde Finanzsektor schwer treffen (in German)

Der Brexit, seine Technik und die Folgen für Banken (in German)

Die neue Willkommenskultur (in German)

"Brexit, What now?", PPT-Slides, Frankfurt am Main, July 2016

"Brexit, was wäre wenn?", PPT-Slides BVI-Event, Frankfurt am Main, 20 June 2016 (in German)

"Brexit, what if?", PPT-Slides GSK Breakfast-Briefing, Frankfurt am Main, 11 May 2016



Contact GSK Brexit Task Force:

Dr. Andreas Bauer (Corporate, Munich)
Dr. Mark Butt (Projects & Public Sector, Munich)
Dr. Petra Eckl (Tax, Frankfurt)
Dr. Oliver Glück (Funds, Munich)
Andreas Heinzmann (Banking & Capital Markets, Luxembourg) 
Dr. Justus Jansen (Dispute Resolution, Hamburg)
Dr. Jörg Kahler (IP & Data Protection, Berlin)
Dr. Dirk Koch (Tax, Munich)
Dr. Philipp Kuhn (Labour, Heidelberg)
Peter Scherer (Banking & Capital Markets, Frankfurt)
Dr. Markus Söhnchen (Corporate, Frankfurt)
Dennis Stenzel (Real Estate, Hamburg)