28 July 2020

Mobility 4.0: BERNARD Group and DLR buy into in DiMOS Operations GmbH

GSK Stockmann supported the Austrian engineering firm BERNARD in its joint participation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in DiMOS Operations GmbH.

BERNARD Gruppe ZT GmbH invested in the young start-up together with DLR. Both new partners are investing in several stages of a capital increase. The three partners are seeking comprehensive cooperation and intensive technical exchange in the area of “mobility 4.0” in order to promote pioneering future technologies in the transport sector.

DiMOS Operations GmbH specialises in highly innovative technologies and focuses on automated mobility for vehicles on the road (automated and autonomous driving), for trains and ships. The two founders have many years of experience, including as project managers at DLR for the European satellite navigation programme Galileo (Professor Christian Arbinger) and as former deputy Chairman of the DLR Executive Board (Professor Dr Bernd J. Hoefer, 2001–2006).

BERNARD Gruppe ZT GmbH specialises in comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering in the fields of energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and mobility and focuses, among other things, on traffic planning and traffic monitoring. BERNARD has 18 locations worldwide and has already implemented its innovative projects in 40 countries.

DLR is Germany’s national research centre for aerospace. It carries out research and development in aeronautics, space, energy and transport, security and digitisation. On behalf of the German government, DLR Space Management is responsible for planning and implementing Germany’s space flight activities. Two DLR project management agencies are overseeing funding programmes and support knowledge transfer. DLR uses the expertise of its 47 institutes and facilities to develop solutions to major challenges our society faces. With 9,000 employees, DLR researches and explores Earth and space and develops technologies for a sustainable future.

GSK Stockmann’s consulting services set the contractual framework for both the investment and the cooperation between the partners. In doing so, the law firm was able to draw on its extensive expertise in the mobility sector and experience in advising innovative mobility companies. GSK Stockmann regularly advises on M&A projects, particularly in the automotive and aviation sectors.

Advisers of BERNARD Group ZT GmbH:

GSK Stockmann: Andreas Dimmling (lead, Corporate), Dirk Koch (Tax); Associate: Sandra Krepler (Corporate)

Image: ESA


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