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Mathilde Ostertag Luxembourg Local Partner GSK Luxembourg SA
Andreas Heinzmann Luxembourg Partner GSK Luxembourg SA
Dr. Philipp Mößner Luxembourg Partner GSK Luxembourg SA
Dr. Marcus Peter Luxembourg Partner GSK Luxembourg SA
Stefan Aldag, Notary Berlin Partner*
Dr. Andreas F. Bauer Munich Partner*
Dr. Timo Patrick Bernau Munich Partner*
Jennifer Bierly Berlin Partner*
Wolfgang Böhm Heidelberg Partner*
Lars Bollensen Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Dirk Brückner Munich Partner*
Dr. Mark Butt Munich Partner*
Dr. Lorenz Claussen, Notary Berlin Partner*
Stefan Dorn Munich Partner*
Dr. Petra Eckl Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Michael Eggersberger Munich Partner*
Dr. Markus Escher Munich Partner*
Dr. Alma Franke Munich Partner*
Monique Franke Munich Partner*
Dr. Andreas Geiger Munich Partner*
Dr. Oliver Glück Munich Partner*
Dr. Thomas Haller Munich Partner*
Dr. Jan Hennig Berlin Partner*
Dr. Uwe Jäger Heidelberg Partner*
Dr. Michael Jani Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Justus Jansen Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Jörg Kahler Berlin Partner*
Dr. Jan Kehrberg Berlin Partner*
Dr. Dirk Koch Munich Partner*
Stefan Koser Frankfurt Partner*
Robert Kramer Munich Partner*
Dr. Philipp M. Kuhn Heidelberg Partner*
Dr. Bernhard Laas Munich Partner*
Holger Lampe Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Gösta Christian Makowski Frankfurt Partner*
Prof. Dr. Oliver Moufang Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Volker Rebmann, Notary Frankfurt Partner*
Hendrik Riedel Munich Partner*
Peter Scherer Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Maximilian Schilling Munich Partner*
Dr. Olaf Schmechel Berlin Partner*
Dr. Christian R. Schmidt, Notary Berlin Partner*
Dr. Gregor Seikel Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Markus Söhnchen Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Michael Stobbe Berlin Partner*
Dr. Rainer Stockmann Berlin Partner*
Dr. Oda Wedemeyer Berlin Partner*
Dr. Rainer Werum Frankfurt Partner*
Max Wilmanns Hamburg Partner*
Dr. Josef Maria Wodicka Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Wolfgang Würfel Munich Partner*
Sascha Zentis, Notary Frankfurt Partner*
Dr. Wolfgang Bötsch Frankfurt Of Counsel
Dr. Peter Bringer Heidelberg Of Counsel
Dr. Jürgen Heyer Berlin Of Counsel
Dr. Maritheres Palichleb Frankfurt Of Counsel
Barbara Scharrer Munich Of Counsel
Dr. Ulrich Schmidt, Notary ret. Berlin Of Counsel
Folkmar Stoecker, Botschafter a.D. Berlin Of Counsel
Dr. Anja Weisgerber Frankfurt Of Counsel
Agnes Bosse Frankfurt Local Partner**
Matthias Dau Frankfurt Local Partner**
Andreas Dimmling Munich Local Partner**
Daniela Eschenlohr Munich Local Partner**
Dr. Gerhard Gündel Frankfurt Local Partner**
Oliver Koos Frankfurt Local Partner**
Dr. Jenny Mehlitz Berlin Local Partner**
Dr. Andreas C. Peters Hamburg Local Partner**
Stefan J. Schlapka Munich Local Partner**
Dr. Frank-Florian Seifert Berlin Local Partner**
Dennis Stenzel Hamburg Local Partner**
Birgit Wöhren Hamburg Local Partner**
Wolfgang Jegodka Berlin Counsel
Dr. Susanne Radlsbeck Munich Counsel
Dominik Berka Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Marie-Theres Boetzkes Munich Associate
Björn Bronger Frankfurt Associate
Frederick Brüning Hamburg Associate
Daniel Cammann-Reiß Berlin Associate
Dr. Philipp Dawirs Munich Associate
Nicole Deparade Heidelberg Associate
Anna-Lena Diedrich Frankfurt Associate
Stephanie Engels Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Harald Feiler Frankfurt Associate
Kerstin Franke Munich Associate
Pascal Gatty Berlin Associate
Moritz Gerstmayr Munich Associate
Max-Florian Göhring Munich Associate
Andreas S. Grammling Heidelberg Associate
Kathleen Häfner Berlin Associate
Inga Henrich Frankfurt Associate
Volker Hofstetter Frankfurt Associate
Andrea Hunger Berlin Associate
Dr. Philip Huperz Berlin Associate
Dr. Antonius Jonetzki Hamburg Associate
Nina Kazem-Seiffert Frankfurt Associate
Christoph Kirsch Berlin Associate
Martina Köglsperger Berlin Associate
Kathrin Kohl Heidelberg Associate
Florian Kossmann Berlin Associate
Dr. Raoul Kreide Heidelberg Associate
Christian Kullick Munich Associate
Eva Linde Munich Associate
Philippe Lorenz Munich Associate
Melanie Mader Munich Associate
Dr. Mareen Marx Frankfurt Associate
Johannes Müller Berlin Associate
Alen Nalbandian Frankfurt Associate
Katrin Reisich Munich Associate
Dr. Jochen Rudolph Frankfurt Associate
Dr. Jens Uwe Rügenhagen Heidelberg Associate
Dr. Verena Schepers Berlin Associate
Kirill Schitomirski Frankfurt Associate
Jana Schlimgen Berlin Associate
Dr. Jan Bernd Seeger Hamburg Associate
Dominika Sewerin Frankfurt Associate
Natalie Sochan Munich Associate
Alexander Spreitzer Munich Associate
Hendrik Stamm Berlin Associate
Julia Straßer Munich Associate
Dr. Christoph Strelczyk Hamburg Associate
Dr. Marcel Vietor Munich Associate
Maria Vogt Berlin Associate
Dr. Nadine Wachendorf Munich Associate
Lisa Watermann Munich Associate
Kathrin Werner Munich Associate
Dr. Nicola Wiesinger Berlin Associate
Dr. Jonas Philipp Wilkens Hamburg Associate
Sarah Zech Munich Associate


*Partner under the German Partnership Act
**Local Partner, no partner under the German Partnership Act